The 10th US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry is inaugurated (2013-02-24)

WASHINGTON - The US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its inaugural ceremony and the Spring Festival Gala on the evening of February 24 at the Han Palace Restaurant. Nearly 400 members and guests from all walks of life witnessed the transfer of new and old president, together to share the unity of the Federation struggle, thriving scenery, for their vibrant, and jointly open up the grand blueprint for cheering. The guests gathered in the evening. Mr. Chen Xiongfeng, Counselor and Consul General of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, and Mr. He Ning, Minister of Economic and Business Affairs, led a number of officials to attend the ceremony. Director of the Department of Asian and Pacific Affairs, Mayor of Washington, and Peter Su, Director of Business Affairs and Trade of Victoria, Maryland, as well as Director of the Department of Business Administration, Victoria and a number of DC officials also attended the ceremony. Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Yee Yuk-bun, Chairman of the Chinese School, Mr Leung Kang-chi, President of the US-China Economic and Cultural Exchanges Association, Chen Shengzhang, Baltimore Chinese Association President of the Chinese Association for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine, Mr. Liu Mengjing, President of the Federation of Chinese Businessmen of Victoria, Mr. Xue Haishui, President of the Chinese National Committee of the United States, Mr. Wu Huiqiu, President of the Chinese American Foundation, Mr. Leilei, President of the Chinese American Foundation. A number of honorary chairmen, senior advisers, standing supervisors, and a large number of Council members and staff gathered together to celebrate the good old days of the old and the new. In the thunderous gongs and drums and jumping lion dance, the party officially began. After the solemn performance of the national anthems of the United States and China, the newly elected President of the Council, Mr Chan Wai-feng, witnessed the appointment of Mr Chan Fung-tan from the old president, Mr Chan Fantan, and the appointment of Honorary President of the Council. The first president Zhang Zilin with huge calligraphy "Ji Buzhiyuan" gift to encourage Liu Weimin; President Chen Fantan also said that thanks to the embassy and the support of the Overseas Chinese Mission, the 9th Council has completed its historic mission, expect the new Council Led by Liu Weimin live up to expectations. Chen Xiongfeng expressed his congratulations and sincere congratulations. He said that in the past 20 years, the US-China Business Council has created a good brand name for the industrial and commercial circles in Washington, and put up a bridge of economic cooperation between the United States and China. Everyone has also made positive contributions to the motherland building and talented people in various trades and industries. contribution. He wished the United States and China Federation of Industry and Commerce thriving, more powerful. Zhou Yinglie, RUSHERN L. BAKER III, and many other guests also congratulated the American Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the local economic development, economic and cultural exchanges between the United States and China. The Chinese State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Fujian Province, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Xiamen and the alma mater Xiamen University of Liu Weimin sent a congratulatory letter. Liu Weimin is a community celebrity, not only the real estate business done wind and water, but also very enthusiastic about community work, served as Associate Vice President, regardless of ability, experience is on the choice. Her "Declaration of Inauguration" was brilliant. She said that the inauguration of the Lantern Festival in the New Year, is overjoyed and great honor, she thanked his predecessors for their hard work, but also determined to live up to everyone's love and trust. She said, as an elite business community, the US-China Business Association and the US government departments and private enterprises have extensive contacts, but also with most of China's provincial and municipal people's governments at all levels maintained close contact. Since its inception, the Chamber of Commerce has thrived on the economy, served the community, promoted economic and trade development and technical and cultural exchanges between the United States and China, and promoted friendship and understanding between the two governments and the two peoples. In the past 20 years, we have profound feelings and solidarity, and have made great contributions to promoting the industrial and commercial and economic and trade exchanges between the United States and China. At present, there are more than 300 Chinese and Western Chamber of Commerce members, thousands of business organizations. The next three years, the direction and objectives of the development of five areas, namely "to further strengthen and develop the United States and the local government and officials of the communication and contact; absorption and development of Chinese and American entrepreneurs to join the United States and China Federation of industry and commerce power; Strengthen communication and cooperation between Chinese and Chinese entrepreneurs, enhance friendship and understanding between the two governments and peoples, strengthen ties with the fraternal communities, strengthen understanding, communication and cooperation with Asian communities, Asian elite to better integrate into the mainstream society; to have their own club for the goal. " She expressed her respect and gratitude to the organizations, groups and enthusiasts from all walks of life. I hope you will continue to support us. The party also arranged for singing, dancing, comic dialogue performances and lottery. From China News reported: