The 9th Council of the US-China Business Coalition officially inaugurated (2010-02-22)

WASHINGTON, Feb. 22 (Xinhua Du Jing) active in the US capital Washington DC Chinese-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry on the evening of 22 here held the inaugural ceremony of the Ninth Council to General Counsel Chen Xiangmei, President Chen Fen Tan, Zhang Xiangrong, chairman of the new board, led by the formal inauguration. The Chinese Embassy in the United States Minister Liu Guangyuan, Virginia and Maryland government officials, the United States and China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Council members, hundreds of celebrities in business and government attended the ceremony. Liu Guangyuan said in his speech that for a long time, the US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been making unremitting efforts and hard work to promote the economic, social and cultural development of the United States and at the same time actively carry forward the fine tradition of loving the country and loving the countryside. The majority of folks, enthusiastic community Chinese community, to participate in overseas Chinese community activities; the other hand, China's development and construction, and actively support China's peaceful reunification, and strive to promote Sino-US friendly exchanges and cooperation. He expressed his gratitude. Chen Fantan, the new president of the US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said he would inherit the purpose of the federation and make new contributions to the flourishing development of the US-China trade and the sincere friendship between the two peoples. The US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1997 to promote the cooperation, exchange and friendship between overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese engaged in business, trade, industry and various related economic and trade activities and related professional services and to promote Sino-US trade.