White House public lawn for the first time raised five-star red flag to celebrate the 60th birthday of China (2009-09-20)

More than a thousand Chinese and overseas Chinese came from all directions, the goal is the towering Washington Monument and the White House between the US presidential palace a public lawn. Working in a foreign country they usually have little time to come, but today, they say "must come." A bright red flag on the 20th will be here in the rising. This is the first time the Chinese flag has been raised by a non-governmental organization on the public lawn in front of the White House facade. Many overseas Chinese said that, in fact, for them, where the flag is not important, it is important to express a blessing to the motherland. Reporters on the scene to see the activities of Chinese and overseas Chinese dressed in red T-shirt, waving red flag, the oval-shaped lawn into a red ocean. People also use the wild chic dragon and lion dance, calm and relaxed performance of Tai Chi and warm waist drum Yangko, to express their feelings. The culmination of the event is a solemn flag-raising ceremony, when the United States, Fujian Association Chairman Chen Ronghua and the United States and China Federation of Industry and Commerce Honorary President Zhang Xiaobin slowly raised the five-star red flag, the audience chanted "Volunteers march." Reporter noted that many of the old man moved to tears. For the launch of the flag-raising Chen Ronghua, such a sacred moment is nine years. For nine consecutive years he has proposed to be held in the central area of ​​Washington flag, but for various reasons, this desire to be achieved this year. Twenty years ago, New Year's Eve night, alone in the night, Chen Ronghua passing through the United Nations Building in New York, nostalgia rush out, he found the flag in more than 100 Chinese flag, holding the flagpole burst into tears, this time The next promise, no matter where they go, must personally raise the flag in the local. In the day before the rise of the Chinese national flag, also held the United States flag ceremony. He Xiahui, president of the Greater Washington Region Association, said it was a tribute to the Chinese and overseas Chinese for their country. "Today we are delighted with the achievements we have made in China, and we are delighted with the continuous development of Sino-US relations." Chinese ambassador to the United States Zhou Wenzhong also specially came to participate in the event, he praised the Chinese community in an interview not only for the United States has contributed to economic and social development, but also to promote the building of the motherland and Sino-US relations. At the end of the event, one side by a few private people from the Tiananmen flag escort brought over a huge five-star red flag at the scene show, attracted everyone to take pictures. Li Chunlin, deputy secretary - general of the China Planning Association, who came from Beijing, said: "This flag will make the Chinese people who can not return to attend the Tiananmen National Day celebration warm and kind. Some foreigners also attended the day's flag-raising ceremony. Dave Boulder, Special Adviser to the Board of Directors of an international investment company that sponsored the event, told reporters that he greatly admired China's achievements in the past 60 years and was willing to make a modest contribution to China-US non-governmental exchanges. force. Fifty-seven American children from Washington primary schools also performed gymnastics at the celebration. At the end of the performance, they played the "Chinese Hello" slogan in both English and Chinese, which attracted warm applause from overseas Chinese. From the height of the Washington Monument to the oval-shaped lawn, a bright red flag and a side of the United States Stars and Stripes flapping, not far away, the White House is still quietly stands in the trees and lawn. When Deng Xiaoping visited the United States in 1979, US officials raised a five-star red flag for Chinese guests at the White House South Lawn, and that was the first time that the Chinese flag fluttered in the wind. A new chapter in relations between the two countries.