"China Cup" recitation contest exciting finals, awards ceremony passionate emotion (05-19-2013)

Last month, the "Chinese Cup" American Youth Chinese Reading Contest was held on May 19 at the Julius West Middle School in Maasland. Finalists' performances, judges and professionals, as well as the excitement and joy of all the contestants, parents, spectators and staff at the awards ceremony, to give the competition a perfect finish.

The contest has more than 200 primary schools in the Greater Washington area to high school youth competition. Compared with the first competition last year, players recite the general level greatly improved. 79 players in the preliminary round stand out into the semi-finals, and 34 players through the fierce competition finalists.

As the judges of the competition, 12 teachers, such as Lv Da-yu, Wang Jianhua, Hou Gang, Zhao Luqun, Su Ming, Li Feng, Zhang Yixi, Wang Lu, Qi Huisheng, Du Yin, Huang Yan and Hu Hong are professional experts in recitation, performance and broadcasting. Most of them from the central and provincial capital television. The first generation of CCTV announcer Lv DaYu teacher held a pre-match guidance lectures; other jurors in the course of the game, the parents and the players advice to give guidance; especially in the finals of the players get the teacher's pre-competition training, They and parents of the recitation of knowledge and skills have been greatly improved.

Finals were tight and intense, the players go all out, come up with their best condition. In addition to the general poetry, prose, fables, Song Lina children to describe himself and his brother two years of competition, "recitation to encourage me to learn Chinese" as the title, personal experience touched all the audience; Li Ruihan students recite their own Writing "If I have three days of light", writing and recitation integration, sound and content. Although each group has only one championship, but many students read aloud to everyone left a deep impression. A group of primary school students gathered in the small group, Wang Jia-ying, a poem, "in the side of the mountain", the hard work, crossed the layers of "mountain", to achieve the ideal "sea" recited a very touching theme, won the first; Yellow night thinking to the same theme, only 0.02 second place in second place. Tied for second place in the radius, although the mother is Chinese, the father is purely American, the family did not Chinese environment. But he recited the fable "crow and the fox," not only spit words clear and accurate, rich expression, language and sound modification is also very good for a non-Chinese children, not easy. High school group competition also intense competition. Tong Mingxuan care of Ya'an earthquake poetry "blood connected" feeling full, very touching, but with 0.02 points in second place, Qi Shanshan with a moral of the prose "," accurate and clear spit words, full of tension and The recitation of change won first place. Primary School A group of Wang Tianzhang, high school group Li Meiren also won the battle array, respectively, to get the first place.

The final list of winners are: the first group of primary school Wang Tianzhang A, second Tang Xindi, Lu Qianqian, third Yao Andy, Gu Jiayi, Guo key Tong; primary school group B Wang Jiaying first, second yellow night thinking, Second place Ming-Xuan Tong, third Zhang Xin; high school group first Li Mei, the second Hu Wan-ying, the third thin-hao Zhao, they are the first, Respectively, won the certificate of merit, trophies and bonuses; the rest of the finalists have received Excellence Award, were awarded certificates, trophies and prizes. Competition for all entered the semi-finals of the students also issued a certificate of merit and prizes, to encourage them to continue their efforts. Children and parents a smile, warm atmosphere filled the hall.

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Consul General Chen Xiongfeng Counselor and Secretary Meng Meng, Rep. Li Fengqian of the Mayor of Washington, Director of Asian-Pacific Affairs of the Mayor's Office of the Government of Thailand, Ginny Gong, Chairman of the Office of Community Use of the Mongolian Public School; VIP and Contest Organizer; Sponsored by: Chinese Association of the United States and the Chinese American Foundation Chairman Leilei, President of the US-China Economic and Cultural Exchange Association, the United States International Cooperation and Development Committee President Chen Yi, such as the United States and China Federation of Industry and Commerce Vice President Zhang Liqing and Honorary President Zhan President of Harvard Chinese School, Mr. Xia Xiangbo, President of Alumni Association of Washington University, Mr. Chen Jiange, Manager of Qiao Bao Weekend, Mr. Cui Jianxin, Dean of the Confucius Institute at Ma Da University, and Mr. Ma Zhang, Accountant of Asia Commodity City Floor, SUN TV Chinese TV, love Victoria loans, the Yangtze River real estate executives attended the ceremony, speech and awards. Liu Weimin, chairman of the United States and China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, president of Guilin Foundation, Jiang Hu Bin, although not to come, but also call congratulations. American Chinese TV station, "Focus on Chinese" network television, Washington Chinese Internet radio station, the United States "China Daily", the World News and other news media have come to cover this large-scale public welfare activities.

Wang Yaohui, the chief coordinator of the contest and the chairman of the US-China Experimental School, said that the success of the two consecutive competitions relied on the active contribution of many associations and caring people. It was also the active participation of the parents and students. The US embassy has always supported it. He pointed out that, like this to promote Chinese culture, social benefits, the future of the activities, the organizing committee members have said that the next term to continue to do so. He also said that next year's competition will add new categories, such as "parent-child group", "special group" of non-Chinese children, and so on, but also consider extending the contest to a wider area.

One only entered the semi-finals of the parents of students said: to participate in the finals and awards ceremony, to observe the finalists recitation is really a great spiritual enjoyment, and really feel the gap, with the direction of efforts. Many parents say that the recitation contest is a platform for children to learn, exercise and improve, which not only improves the children's talent level, but also promotes Chinese learning and enriches the cultural life of the community. Parents also benefit from it. A rare opportunity to learn to improve and enrich their spiritual life. Competition judges and staff are volunteers, more than two months they do not know how much effort and time. See the children's outstanding performance, to see the complete success of the contest, we are happy in one fell swoop, but also on the level of the Washington House recitation is very pleased. Interested in viewing the contest grand friends, you can visit the contest website:
https://sites.google.com/site/chinesepoemreciting/,Can also watch: http://www.vahuaren.com/http://www.washingtonchineseradio.com/index.php/wcnews/1494-2013-05-20-1...