American-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts a family barbecue gathering

Recently, to thank members for the Chamber of Commerce has long been the support and help to enhance exchanges and friendship between members, the US Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the President under the auspices of President Miss Liu Weimin, held in Maryland Boyds family barbecue.

The barbecue party in the Chamber of Commerce senior adviser, the famous piano teacher Miss Hou Qingyu mansion held. Mr. Zhuang Yuanyuan, First Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in the United States and Mr. James Yantan, Honorary President of the China Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also attended the gathering with strong family atmosphere. Zhuang Yuanyuan first secretary for the party speech. He talked about the current Sino-US strategic and economic dialogue, the US-China Business Confederation is an increasingly close exchange of evidence, play an important role. President Liu Weimin delivered a speech later. She first of all members of the Chamber of Commerce to extend my sincere gratitude to members for their tireless efforts and support, so that Chamber of Commerce thriving through the twenty Spring and Autumn. She hopes that through this gathering, so that more young people understand and integrate into the Chamber of Commerce, a new generation to help the cause of the Chamber of Commerce to a higher level. Mr Lau also briefed the chamber on business issues, including the US-China Business and Industry Federation's participation in the Baltimore business and trade mission from September 3 to September 12 in China.

The delegation will be led by Ms Kaliope Parthemos, Deputy Mayor of Baltimore, which is a Platinum sponsor and one of the co-sponsors of this business event.

The party lasted five hours, the guests together to eat, exchange, games, singing, a warm atmosphere, enjoyable.