The Executive Council of the US-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry extended the general election notice

American Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the evening of February 10, 2016 in Washington, DC, Sichuan and Shaanxi famous executive meeting held a special expansion of the election, the election of the eleventh new president and chairman. The meeting should be executive director of 25 people, to 19 people (including the entrusted delegate and the executive director of the vote), more than a quorum. Candidates for the President Chen Fenchun, Chen Kaihua, Xia Zongqiong. Chen Fenchun secret ballot results for the election of 18 new president. The scrutineers are Liang Zhongping, a legal adviser, Zhang Liqing, a senior consultant, and Zheng Yongjian, a senior consultant. Candidate for the chairman Chen Kaihua. The results of the show of hands for Chen Kaihua 19 votes elected new chairman. The scrutineers were Liang Zhongping, a legal adviser and Zhang Liqing, a senior consultant. In order to ensure fairness and openness, the Executive Council will be specially extended to the large number of media sites witnessed throughout Washington. The Executive Council of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the United States, in particular, extended the Eleventh and Chairmanial Elections of the General Assembly to resolve the differences satisfactorily and created a precedent for this Council to be elected through a democratic process. Hope that the new president and chairman of the Board of Trustees will lead the Chamber of Commerce to make greater achievements, serve the members and the community, and hope that the members, directors, consultants and standing directors of the Chamber of Commerce will always support the Chamber of Commerce as always. , I hope the 11th Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the organization, carefully improve the chapter, so that more dynamic Chamber of Commerce, better service to members and communities.