The United States – China Association of Commerce (USCAC) is thrilled to announce a spectacular musical event, “Music Across Borders,” featuring the groundbreaking Ensemble ClassiCORE. Set to take place at the prestigious Kennedy Center on March 22nd, 2024, this concert promises an enchanting blend of classical music, cultural diversity, and artistic brilliance.

Ensemble ClassiCORE, an instrumental ensemble founded by a new generation of Chinese artists, embodies the spirit of innovation and cultural fusion. Comprising talented musicians, all alumni of the renowned Yale School of Music, the ensemble draws inspiration from their deep connection to Chinese culture and the global perspectives fostered during their education at Yale.

The members of Ensemble ClassiCORE bring a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence in their craft. Their mission goes beyond the confines of traditional performances; they aspire to share the beauty of classical music on a global scale, showcasing its profound cultural influences and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

“Music Across Borders” is not merely a concert but a celebration of the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures. Ensemble ClassiCORE’s repertoire is a testament to this vision, seamlessly integrating traditional Chinese elements with the timeless elegance of classical compositions. From majestic symphonies to intimate chamber pieces, the ensemble’s performance promises to transport the audience on a cultural journey like no other.

As the host of this extraordinary event, USCAC invites individuals and businesses to become part of this cultural celebration by exploring sponsorship opportunities. Your support not only aligns with the promotion of cultural exchange but also contributes to the realization of Ensemble ClassiCORE’s global mission.

For those interested in supporting “Music Across Borders,” USCAC encourages you to reach out for sponsorship options by contacting us at Your contribution will play a pivotal role in making this musical extravaganza a success and furthering the goals of cultural diplomacy through the universal language of music.

Join USCAC at the Kennedy Center on March 22nd, 2024, for an evening that transcends boundaries, uniting cultures through the transformative power of classical music. Be a part of this remarkable journey, where the beauty of diversity is celebrated, and the spirit of harmony prevails.


Ensemble ClassiCORE是一支由新一代中国艺术家创建的乐团,体现了创新和文化融合的精神。该团队由杰出的音乐家组成,都是著名的耶鲁音乐学院的校友,他们从中汲取灵感,深深根植于中国文化,并在耶鲁的全球视野中得到培养。

“乐融音海”不仅仅是一场音乐会,更是对多元文化和谐共生的庆祝。Ensemble ClassiCORE巧妙地将传统的中国元素与古典作品的永恒优雅融为一体,承诺将观众带入一场独一无二的文化之旅。